Bo Hansen

Bo Hansen

Owner of Hansen Solutions

About Me

I'm born in Jytland, Denmark. It's the part of Denmark that is facing Germany. We would go to Germany all the time when I lived there. Later I moved to Horsens which is in the middle of Denmark to become a professional IT engineer. I then joined the university of Aarhus and got another degree in IT making me very suitable for any kind of IT job. I train alot. I like physical workouts. In my spare time I'm passionate for triathlon - any distance. I've done 6 Ironmans and a few of them where for qualifying for the world championship on Kona, Hawaii.

What kind of jobs do I do?

Client/Server Systems

This type of system is when there is a client (or multiple) that communicates was a server. Might be via WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), a RESL call, binary through a plain old socket. The server can hold any kind of information. Communication is mostly secured with the newest standards as DES, AES and more.


MicroSoft's cloud based servers that provides a complete infrastructure for servers and services. Backup. Failover. Clusters. Geo redundancy. Its AWSOME and cheap. Highly configurable. This eliminates the need for local servers that needs to be maintained. MicroSoft will take care of this and we can focus on what we love : building applications for customers.

NoSQL Mongo/Azure Table Storage

A apose to SQL (Structured Query Language) NoSQL has to query language. SQL and relational database implies that there are data that are structured (dependent) and have relations with each other. That why you need a query language. In No-SQl there is none. The data is stored with the relation (or data) attached to it. That means very fast look up compared to a relational database. But not all data is suitable for NoSQL. I've worked a lot with Mongo and Azure Table Storage which is the same thing. It's just MicroSoft specific.

Apps (iOS/Android/WinPhone)

I love developing apps! I love doing that. Since I got the first course in iOS building an app. It's so powerfull. I use Xamarin for cross platform compilation and fast porting to iOS/Android/WinPhone. I can create integration with various systems. Http based - binary or REST-based.

RESTful Api

Say you have data that needs to be exposed to the world via a public interface that everybody can use. I can build a service that will help you do this. Most common today is doing it via a RESTful Api. MicroSoft has a few products out there. WebAPI for one.

Security / Encryption

We are using security and encryption all the time. Https SSL Certificates - All of it. If you need to have your data secured I can help you. You can enforce security and encryption on many levels. And it may have a huge impact on your IT infrastructure. Also for clients. They may also be affected by it. I can help you estimate the impact it will have in your case and how to go about it. I have some experience with this.


I like to speed things up. Servers. Code. Services. I profile to find the problem and start to work on possible solutions that fits the needs of a customer. Sometimes it's just not possible to move from SQL to NoSQL to gain performance. Performance is many things. Make things faster is not a goal. You have to have numbers to go for. Say read times must be under 5 ms - that a real goal.

Work Experience

Co-Founder & Lead Developer - Hansen Solutions (2006 - Present)

My firm that produces websites, backend/frontend solutions. I mostly code in C#, JavaScript and Java. Some projects are small websites. Some are major coding projects. Others are refining code and make it work-jobs. As long as i triggers my mind I'm in for the challenge

Software Engineer - Kamstrup A/S (2008 - present)

Large ~1000 people firm that produces meters and software to control and use them. It's growing fast and it getting more and more orders around the world. A meters can be a electrical meter that measures how much a household is using. It can measure gas/heat/water. I'm on the team that is responsible for collecting and configuring the meters for optimal performance. We have a overall name for the product called UtiliDriver. The UtiliDriver is a large complex piece of software that combines all types of reading mechanisms into a single driver that is RESTful-based. The goal is to create a common way for a client to communicate and operate a large scale wireless metering network.

Software Engineer - Al-Dente Software (2006 - 2007)

A compagny that sell dentist items to all Danish dentists. A part from that they have a small software product that helps dentists manage and keep track of clients. Send them invites for regular checks. Can track the work that is done. Build on a unknown university language and uses MySQL for database. My job was to port the code into C# which was a huge challenge. Other than porting code they also needed new functionality.

Software Engineer - CIM Eletronics (2007 - 2008)

Consultants work. They are consultants but they have a product that can keep track of errors in a production line. The machines that are performing tests (hardware) are producing a xml file that is a log of what the test did and if something is wrong it will say in the xml. The system imported that xml file and based on that a graphical representation was generated. It was sold to other firms that produced hardware. The code was C# / Microsoft ASP.NET