The backend web administration for the Elmer project is 99% done. It's for coaches that train other people. Athletes are using the app that is installed on their devices. Now the time is for developing the app for the iPhone. This is a great starting point. Later it's the iPad probably. And then I target the Android devices. Design for the app is not quite ready but the creative part of the development is coming along very fine. The app it self is quite simple.

The Elmer project is going well. The administration part, that is for the coaches is almost done. The planner, that is the interface for creating the specific plan has turned out very well. Drag n drop is the key to it all. Must see. Contact us to create an account. It's completely free. The next step is to make the iOS app. That will include the iPhone series and iPad series. Android is also in the road map. It might become a "web-app" that will run on all devices.

Right now there are some interesting challenges from the jQuery. The framework is extremely useful. But it sometimes also make you wonder why it does things. Mostly it's the lack of experience that makes it difficult. But the good thing is that the docs and all the examples from "stack overflow" has proven to be very helpful. Also Twitter Bootstrap has been very good. I love the plain design. It's easy to use.

Stay tuned.

Try it here - the account is a default account. Contact us to get your own. We would love to have you try it out and come with feedback. That's how Elmer get's better.

Have a nice day!

We have decided to create an app. Everybody needs a app - so to speak. The app is called "Elmer" like the elephant. It's a training system that allows athletes on any level to get efficient training. The idea is to have a simple presentation of the todays training and have the athlete give feedback. The most honest feedback one can get it the one that is coming from the heart - meaning right after the training. So we decided to make it mandatory to give some feedback on the training. If not the user can not see next days training.

This is just a few examples of what to expect of the app. And for now the app is only in Danish! The plan is to make a website for it also. This way android mobiles and normal website browsers can access the training.


- Bo