Let us create your app. We integrate into lots of systems and all devices on the marked. iOS / Android and Windows Phones. We create server side backend to host your data and the client application that runs on a mobile device. It can also be a regular windows application.

If you have the idea - we have the solution!

I make all kinds of apps. My latest is my own app called "EasyBet". See here. It's a product that I have developed from the ground up. It has a C# backend that controls the odds feed and reacts to odds changes. I originally made this in xcode/objective-c/swift but I'm using Xamarin today and it is much easier since I have my C# Visual Studio and tools. The development process is much quicker. I have spend hours and hours developing for objective-c/swift code and I spend 15 min making it in Xamarin/C#. It's rapid development. And if you wish to target other platforms like Android or Windows Phone -you just do it!



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