Bo Hansen

Bo Hansen

Owner of Hansen Solutions

About Me

I'm born in Jytland, Denmark. It's the part of Denmark that is facing Germany. We would go to Germany all the time when I lived there. Later I moved to Horsens which is in the middle of Denmark to become a professional IT engineer. I then joined the university of Aarhus and got another degree in IT making me very suitable for any kind of IT job. I train alot. I like physical workouts. In my spare time I'm passionate for triathlon - any distance. I've done 6 Ironmans and a few of them where for qualifying for the world championship on Kona, Hawaii.

Work Areas


C#, Azure, NoSQL Mongo/Azure Table Storage, RESTful API, Security.


RESTFull API, WCF (Windwos Communication Foundation), HTTP, HTTPS, C#/Java/HTML5-Sockets, Rhino Service Bus, MSMQ


HTHML/JavaScript, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), AngularJS, jQuery(+mobile)

Mobile Apps For iOS/Android/WinPhone

Xamarin, jQuery-mobile, HTML

Code Versioning Systems

Subversion, SVN, Git


Windows Server 2008 r2, Windows Server 2012, Linux Ubunto 15.10

Cloud Hosting

MicroSoft Azure Cloud

Work Experience

Founder & Developer - Hansen Solutions (2006 - Present)

I stated out with selling websites. Joomla based CMS with custom frontend. Later JavaApplet. Then more C#.

Software Engineer - Kamstrup A/S (2008 - present)

Inteligent meters for homes all over the world. Mostly I do backend stuff. We don't have a lot of fronend due to the fact that our customers are doing their own. I do backend communication with concentrators and meters directly.

Software Engineer - Al-Dente Software (2006 - 2007)

Dentist program called Al Dente to manage clients teeth and tracking. Mostly C# and MySQL

Software Engineer - CIM Eletronics (2007 - 2008)

Consultants work. C# / Asp.Net / MSSQL.